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How far are you going to go with the 2D? You going to add box2d or 2d particles? See the images -> http://ethanonengine.com/media/ By using color, normal and spec some nice look can be achieved. Ive worked ona an old 2d prerendered game, it was called TK-RemiX. You could use its graphics, that are free and plenty. 🙂 Only you gonna have to combine them together to make a single file. TK-RemiX data file Some images from it:

Here for some characters animated. ->
Lol i thunk i just made some commercial!

What do you mean, “nothing pops up”?

When you click on the menu, i dont see any windows to show up.

You just need to run CMake and tell it to use MinGW. You could also use the QtCreator to do that.

I use the cmake gui and made a code::blocks, in the qtcreator what argument should i add to make it use the mingw. By default its using vs10, thats it when open the cmake.txt file to build. Hope thats clear.