The Neo version 0.5 is the biggest milestone yet with 463 commits since the last v0.4 commit at the time of writing this.
Improvements include introduction of unit tests, a new 2D rendering system, a vastly improved Lua API, various bug fixes and performance
improvements. Some of the features are still quite experimental and disabled by default like the Mono plugin that allows using C# for writing game plugins.

This beta version implies that no new features are going to be included in the next version any more and is intended to help finding bugs so the final product is stable enough to endure the development of the following version.

If you experience any problem please report them either on GitHub or in the forum so they can be fixed.

Converting projects

The structure of projects has changed and every directory moved into the “assets” subdirectory. Your game might still work when launched on the source tree but publishing it will only include the contents of the assets directory. Move all directories in there to fix that. You might need to update some path descriptions in your levels and meshes.

The old Lua API is still available but is marked deprecated, that means it will be removed in a future version of Neo. Documentation about the new API is on its way.

Binary versions


Setup: Download

Zip: Download


Attention: Before you can install this you need to remove the package “neo” first if you installed the official release!

Debian package (64bit): Download

RPM package (64bit): Download

TGZ archive (64bit): Download

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