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The editor currently saves the very first camera you create as the main camera just like the Maratis editor does. You’re right, there should be an option for that.

The camera clear color is the color which will be used when the screen gets cleared every frame. Think of it as the background color behind all objects. That’s of course only visible if you don’t have a skybox 😀

Fog works exactly like in Maratis. You enable it and set a distance. And I see I forgot the color chooser to set the right color! Seems like I get a busy day today 😀

I don’t think that a group should have any visual representation since it is only a construct of thought with no physical effect on the scene. The only thing that I could imagine is a border around all objects it contains when selecting it (like a bounding box) but no object like for cameras or lights.

I was already working on multi-select in the tree view. One of the problems I got was the synchronization with the right panel. I will see how to fix such issues and upload the changes for you to test 😀

A tutorial video would be awesome! I’m looking forward to it!
Btw: Did you notice the new share buttons on each page? Just saying :p