Easy to use scripting!

Neo supports C/C++ and Lua as well as C# by using the open source Mono VM!

Neo delivers you the flexibility to choose the right language for your goal.
It is easy to use C# or any language that runs on the Mono VM with just a little set up in addition to the built-in Lua support, giving you access to a wide range of libraries and tools to achieve your goal.

Powerful programming with C++!
Create powerful and fast applications using the C++ programming language with the full featured C/C++ SDK, the only way to gain complete control over the whole engine.
Easy to use scripting with Lua!
Use the easy to use Lua language to create extensible features for your games! It is the best suited way for providing a modding API with Neo.
Powerful support for Mono!
Use C#, F# or any other language supported by Mono! Continue using your existing C# code base or use third party libraries built upon the Mono platform.

IDE integration for C++ and Lua projects

The Neo Engine delivers good integration for many IDEs like Eclipse, QtCreator or VisualStudio. Choose the environment you like and that you are comfortable in and let CMake do all the work for you! The neat integration of CMake into the Neo workflow makes it very easy to set up any IDE that CMake supports. Lua projects do not need any additional project generator or similar. Just grab your favorite text editor like Vim, Emacs or Sublime Text and edit your scripts!

IDE support for C# projects

Using C# is nearly as simple as using Lua. Just create the Neo project and a MonoDevelop or VisualStudio project for producing the MonoGame.dll. While Lua has much simpler syntax it also has certain flaws especially for bigger applications like limited debugging support. C# allows the MonoDevelop to tap directly into your code to show local variables and handle break points. Visual Studio support does also exist but needs a plugin to work.

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