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    Keep in mind that writing a short story is not the same as writing a novel. Novels and short stories, on the other hand, share some characteristics, such as the need to be grammatically correct, with phonetic spellings and punctuation marks. Despite the fact that both books and short stories have different formats. Novelists have the freedom to choose the length of their books, whereas short story writers are always limited to a certain number of words. Every word counts in a short story.

    As a result, when writing a short story, an author or writer is limited to clearly communicating their thoughts, feelings, and imaginations. Short story writers condensed their works to fit within the word limit, leaving out any extra information or imagination they wanted to include. They usually take part in various short story contests as well. That is why creating a short story is such a difficult task. Unlike novels, it focuses directly on the character’s life or issues.

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