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Because of that we need more profiling options. I already have some thoughts on how to integrate them into the work flow from an UI stand point and how to integrate them into the engine to show accurate data.

I like this.

Another thing is moving all visibility testing to the GPU using OpenCL on platforms supporting it. Here again: How much is there to gain? Is it worth the time to develop and test it?

I know from the blender perspective, that blender got upgraded, thx to the open movies, that brought many new features faster. Those features were based on the production artists requirement. So best is if there is a game or a project, that its features are on its list ( i know that there is. 🙂 ) So is it worth, it depends.

Object data is not frequently created or destroyed in the engine itself and Lua would not use the pool anyway

From a game perspective, firing multiple of bullets by creating and destroying can be consuming. But a pool manager is mostly used in an android platforms as an optimization. Anyway that can be coded in lua, but u`ll need to interact with it in lua.

I think its reasonable to removed the old Maratis dependencies.