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In my case. I selected the meshes moved them, then wanted to select the second mesh and move it separately, yeah tricky logic.
Question 1, does the engine care if you scale a mesh in the editor, meaning, does it lower the fps(etc, having an impact on the raster or the scene graph) if all meshes are not scaled to 1 dimension?
Question 2: When i duplicate a mesh, does it become an instance? in my opinion, when you make an instance you should not be able to scale it, because if you rescale the duplicate its no longer an instance, but a different mesh. And that means + 1 more drawcall.
Question3: How does the animation loops works in the exporter? By default its set to -1, how should i set it for different actions? It would be nice for the engine to support the blender actions.
Global settings = my char armature animation. 🙂 I mean my character is moving all the time editor, so a settings to turn it off is needed here. I agree with what you say about the setting.
Yeah, ive been looking at the commits. 🙂