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The asset pack looks very nice. I will see what I can build with it over the weekend :p

You’re right. We don’t have anything to show off. As soon as 0.4 is ready we’ll have a working web player which we can use to publish smaller demo games. I think that will help a lot to get attention.
We could also try to get Neo in the ReactOS open source program for extra visibility (it runs perfectly well on ReactOS btw. :D).

http://community.reactos.org/index.php/support/programs/opensource-development-program *click*

That would mean that Neo is the only 3D content creation platform that fully supports ReactOS.
But first we need more to work with. More demos, a smoother user experience and more well tested and documented features.

Btw: Do you think that you are able to write a small “howto” on using Neo?
That would be a very huge step in the right direction.