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Yes, navmeshes are in my personal plan. Just not for 1.0 yet. You see, I’m currently the only developer and I can’t do everything at once. I have all planned features for 1.0 on GitHub as an issue. Smaller features can be added to the list but they should not be too big. Navmeshes currently are.

In the meantime you could look into a plugin Nistur wrote: https://github.com/nistur/MRecast
I think basic AI will be in 2.0. Probably earlier in a smaller point release.

The better profiler will be in 1.0 btw. since it is very useful for testing performance on Android.
I think I will include it in 0.5. The 0.4 release will mostly contain new networking stuff and graphics features as well as particle system improvements. And initial support for publishing for web browsers using Emscripten.